I tend to start thinking about organizing and cleaning up in the fall. Maybe it’s the start of school, the time that I used to start fresh. Last fall I signed up to take Tiffany’s Get Organized Challenge, after I bought myself a ScrapRack the previous Christmas. The Challenge was good. It made me think about how I scrapped, and forced me to evaluate how I stored all the goodies I’ve accumulated. This fall, I signed up for the challenge again. It has been good for me. I’m now on Week #5. The payoff? I’ve actually scrapped two nights this week. Just went in for an hour or so after work and created.

If you are a scrapbooker, I recommend the ScrapRack. It’s a great way to store your paper and embellishments so you can maximize your crafting time. An even bigger bonus: you’ll save money. Once you see what you have, and pull everything together, you will begin to purchase with intention.

Another bonus: you’ll begin to organize other parts of your life. I am a writer. Though usually scattered in my approach to writing, I’ve begun to focus my efforts. The book I am currently editing needed several major changes: (1) the insurance payout had to be denied, (2) the poison needed to be changed from melamine; (3) the heroine needed to be better defined, and (4) the passive voice needed to be cut. Instead of half-ass attacking all items in one massive pass, I am approaching it step by step.

How do you organize your hobby? Do you find that something that works with organization in one area of your life affects other areas?