#Christians Weigh in on Religion in the #PresidentialRace

Yesterday morning, I watched Meet the Press and part of the discussion involved a question posed to Governor Scott Walker as to whether or not he thought Barack Obama is a Christian. Gov. Walker responded that he didn’t know.

As I watched, I was a bit uncomfortable. As I rolled the comments over in my mind after Meet the Press was over, I realized why. One particular word in that exchange bothered me. Christian. Does this mean that no one other than a Christian has a chance? What if, GASP, a Jew ran for President? Remember the controversy when Mitt Romney (a Mormon!) ran? I suspect some of the same people who insist that our President MUST be a Christian have no concept of how narrow that is. Apparently we can’t even conceive of a time when a humanist or atheist or Pagan would run. What would happen if someone of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s IQ ran? Does intelligence matter? Does a person’s humanity matter? What about someone’s work ethic? Compassion?

Personally, I don’t care what religion our President practices. I’m much more concerned with his/her basic values and plan for our country.

Exchanges like the one around Gov. Walker’s response does nothing to improve the way non-Christians view Christians. And whether folks in the U.S. want to admit it or not, that’s a problem in today’s world.

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