Living with Lupus: Laying by the Pool

Butterfly (symbol of lupus)

I’ve been living with lupus for many years now. That’s the reason my kiddo was born at 28 weeks. Lupus was lurking, but didn’t rear its head until I was preggers. I can’t complain (well, I can, but it doesn’t do any good . . . ) – I live a normal life and do pretty much what I want. But I’m able to do that because I take care of myself, and take the disease seriously. Part of that is keeping regular appointments with my docs. Last week was my annual exam with my regular doc, which involves doing my impression of a human pin cushion, and this week was my semi-annual exam with my rheumy.

It was good news/bad news. My vitamin D levels were low, and my white blood count was low. Not dangerously low, just enough to notice. I joked today that the prescription should be laying by the pool and napping. That should totally be a real prescription, right?!

Whether it was prescribed or not, I’m going to make time for that in the next few days. 🙂

How ’bout you? What do you do to take care of yourself?

One thought on “Living with Lupus: Laying by the Pool

  1. I TRY to go to bed early! 🙂 Getting enough sleep is hard for me. I also try to watch what I eat. I have a cheat day now and again, but try to get right back to it before things get out of control. I also TRY (notice all these tries) to get to the gym on a regular basis or at least get exercise by walking or something. It’s not easy! I think your prescription sounds great!

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