Happy Launch Day to Me! (#launchparty #amreading)

http://www.amazon.com/Fatal-Impulse-Widows-Web-Novel-ebook/dp/B00UB2U7WS/Today has been an absolute dream. My second book, Fatal Impulse, releases today as an ebook (Kindle). I’ve spent all day on Facebook chatting with friends and giving away prizes. It’s been so much fun to share this with old friends and new. A little bit ago I pulled up Amazon to see how the book is doing. To my surprise, there’s a nice little bit at the bottom of the description – the book is now at #53 on the Amazon bestseller list (for detective mysteries). I find that a bit funny, since this isn’t a detective novel, but I’ll take it!

Come on over to the Facebook page – we’ll be partying until 9 pm. The big prize is a proof copy of Fatal Impulse and the first prize is a $10 gift certificate to an independent bookstore of your choice. There are other prizes, too!

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Lori is a creative soul trapped in a paralegal’s body. As a child, she wrote pages and pages in longhand. As a teenager, she pounded away on a typewriter. As a college student, she learned about criticism (death to English Comp!). As an adult, she found her hours filled with work and parenting. Then, she rediscovered the joy of escaping into a world of her own creation. After all, it’s not illegal to write all those twisted things that pop into your head!

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