Walking on the Moon

ImageIn Eureka Springs, Arkansas, that is! It was one of those moments that was corny and goofy, but so memorable! And what a great conversation starter, right?

I was in Eureka Springs for my annual trek to the Ozark Creative Writers conference, which is held the second weekend of October each year. The conference is good, like a family reunion. But this is the best kind of family reunion, because you can ditch your family and go shopping! Which I did. Twice.

The first day my favorite stops were the Paper Odyssey, where I bought way more handmade paper than I will ever use and a couple of dog stamps that can sit on the shelf in my scrap room next to the other rubber stamps that I never use. But, hey, I was doing my part to support small business. Then I went to Happy Things, one of the coolest toy stores I’ve ever been to. Part of the reason I go in there is to pet Rudy, the standard poodle that sports dreadlocks. She sits on her throne of red velvet accepting the adoring strokes of her public like a queen. When I go away, I miss my puppies something awful, so I grasp at every opportunity to pet other dogs while I’m out, further cementing the suspicion of my own dogs. They’re sure I’m a traitor, and when they sniff my jeans when I get home, they know I’ve been petting other dogs. They’re right.

The second day I went shopping I was lured into climbing up a flight of extremely narrow wooden stairs to the second floor by a little wooden sign that proclaimed “Moon Rocks!” My current work-in-progress is a sci fi, working title is Lunacy. So who can blame me for taking that sign as a  . . . ahem . . . sign. In that little shop with the creaking wooden floors (I wonder if they thought that through . . . a ROCK store on the second floor? Hope they don’t find any big meteorites.) I met Steve and he showed me some of the meteorites they’ve found, including one that was traced to the moon, close to one of the Apollo landing sites. There’s a slice encased in plastic and they let you walk on it. Hence, you get to “walk” on the Moon in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  I have a T-shirt to prove it. And a card with a smidgen of moon dust encased in a tiny little pocket. It’s inspirational. For me, anyway.

What inspires you to write? Anything you display near you as you write, put in your pocket and rub? Hmmmm . . . bet my friends who write erotica will have fun with that question . . . :o)

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