Artist’s Date

Like many of you, the events of last Friday have weighed heavily on my mind. I just could not bring myself to post, and so I didn’t. One of these days, perhaps I will share my thoughts. But for now, I need to turn my mind elsewhere. I find myself in need of an Artist’s Date, and think I need to plan one very soon.


One very important part of doing the Artist’s Way is the Artist Date. This is one to two hours a week, which you spend by yourself – this is a very special time just for you. No kids, no husbands, no friends. Just you and your Inner Artist. We tend to get so caught up in life that we just don’t take time to nourish the creative soul that is hidden deep inside us. This is your excuse – it’s your assignment, so it officially needs added to your to-do list.  I don’t care how important you are, I don’t care how busy you are. If you want to do this and be successful, you need to do it all the way. Think of it this way – you are refilling the well. You have a deep well of creative ideas which you draw on when you write, but if you keep dipping a bucket of creative ideas out each day, you are eventually going to run the well dry. Not a good thing. You want your well to be full of FRESH creative ideas. If you hole up in your home or office and spend your free time writing (which, let’s face it, many writers think they have to do), your writing loses its freshness. I know you are busy. So am I. But if you want to be a SUCCESSFUL writer (or artist, or photographer, or sculptor, whatever), you have to get out there and experience life.

I’m not asking you to spend a lot of money here. I’m a struggling writer, myself. All I ask is that you get out your day planner or calendar, and mark out 2 hours for you to take your Inner Artist on a date. Do it today – don’t put this off. Give some thought to what you might want to do. You could go to a movie, visit a museum, take a class, go for a walk, go for a bike ride, take a bubble bath, spend a couple of hours in the salon being pampered. Whatever you do, it should take you outside your normal weekly path. Do something different, something to pamper yourself and stimulate your creativity.

If you need more ideas, just let me know and I’ll send you my Artist Date handout of ideas. And comment below – tell me and the others your ideas for dates.

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