Epilogue or Not?

http://lorilrobinett.comWhen I began writing the Diamond J series, I envisioned several books, with the characters’ stories winding through the books, intermingling and joining as time went on. Although Diamond in the Rough doesn’t focus on Beth and Beau, we do find out that they are living together in the big house. For that reason, I didn’t do a “wrap-up” chapter in either book. I wanted folks to look forward to the next book, to read more, to get to know the characters better over time.

I’ve gotten a couple of average reviews on my last book that talk about the book just ending without an epilogue. That made me wonder – what do you think? Would you prefer to have a final chapter that wraps everything up nicely, or have the story continue in the next book?

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Lori is a creative soul trapped in a paralegal’s body. As a child, she wrote pages and pages in longhand. As a teenager, she pounded away on a typewriter. As a college student, she learned about criticism (death to English Comp!). As an adult, she found her hours filled with work and parenting. Then, she rediscovered the joy of escaping into a world of her own creation. After all, it’s not illegal to write all those twisted things that pop into your head!

4 thoughts on “Epilogue or Not?

  1. I, personally, love the way you ended “Diamond in the Rough” – it does make you wonder- makes you think of the possibilities and allow you to use your imagination until the next book is out.

  2. I don’t mind some hint for the next book, just not a cliffhanger. For example, I read a story in a series that the last chapter was a wedding of one a group of brothers. The last scene had a woman standing in the shadows, watching the members of the family and thinking, “you got it all, I got nothing. And that all ends now.” So you knew this new character that no one knows is some member of the family, maybe an illegitimate one, who is out for revenge. The novel’s story is complete within the book, with all the ends tied up, but you learn that there will be another book, and that the characters you care about will have to face another challenge.

    What I don’t like are books obvious cliffhangers that end in the middle of a scene, like a couple that have an argument and one comes home to find that the other has moved out. The author is trying to “force” the reader to go buy another book to find out what happened to the main characters. Those authors may try to get more of my money, but instead, they lose all my future business.

    • Oh, that’s an awesome ending! What a brilliant idea!

      I don’t like cliffhanger books either (and I hope I didn’t do that with Rough – certainly didn’t intend it to be that way!). I read a book once, don’t recall the author now, but it ended with the character opening a door and smiling, but you didn’t know who was at the door. ARGH!

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