For the last couple of years, I’ve chosen a theme. 2012 was the Year of Imperfection. I decided that what was important was making forward progress, whether or not the action was perfect. My focus on perfection became obvious to me when I began using Flylady as my online personal coach. Perfection was absolutely paralyzing. It still is, if I let it. I often refuse to take action because I cannot do it perfectly. There are so many things I’d like to do, but I don’t have what I think I need to do it, so I do nothing. I won’t bore you with it – if you want to read more, Flylady speaks of it much more eloquently than I can. So, 2012 was the Year of Imperfection. It was an exercise in learning to do what I can. For instance, my BFF had sent me Eureka on DVD when I had surgery – in 2011. I started a thank you card to her, but didn’t have the brad or the ribbon that I had in mind, so the card sat on my desk in my scraproom for AGES. In 2012, I sealed it up and sent it. Months late, but I sent it. Imperfect, but done. Embracing Imperfection also allowed me to submit writing to agents, editors and contests. And I did okay. One of my short stories was even published in The Storyteller Magazine!

So, the Year of Imperfection has drawn to a close and 2013 is here. What will this year’s theme be? I have a couple of thoughts:  Transition . . . Letting Go . . . Growth . . . Mind, Body, Spirit . . . Minimalist . . .

How about you? Do you have a theme for the year? Any suggestions for a good theme?

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