Setting Priorities and Finding Balance

Copy of Lorilrobinett.comI am in the midst of edits on The Danger Within. I’m working on scene 15. (BTW – Scrivener ROCKS. If you haven’t tried it yet and you want to write a novel, I highly recommend it.) As most of you know, I work full-time, so I write on evenings and weekends. Though I really felt like I needed to write yesterday, I took the day off and went to a car show with my hubs – I needed that balance. We went with our friends, Hattie & Jeff (who own a gorgeous blue Cougar). Our daughter and her boyfriend decided to go too – and our daughter showed her ’05 Mustang for the first time.JR-Vette-Macon2016

It was an awesome day (though it didn’t start off well – we lost a t-top out of our Corvette, which, of course, shattered on impact). My hubs won his class (Corvette) and my daughter won runner up in her class (all cars 2005 and up). They were up against really tough competition, so that made it even more exciting (and satisfying). We returned home happy and tired.

Katelyn-Mustang-Macon2016There was another show today that they kind of wanted to go to, but I held firm. Though I enjoy the shows, I really need to spend a day on my writing. I WANT to spend a day writing. My needs/wants are just as important as everyone else’s. Life is all about balance. Every day, you make choices that affect the balance of your life – and you have to include YOUR needs in that equation. Every decision you make adds a weight to the scales. Though success at writing is important to me (oh, how I would LOVE to make a bestseller list some day!), my family is THE most important to me.

Here are my tips for maintaining balance through planning:

Schedule planning time at the end of each month.

Look at the coming month and Identify:

  • Family obligations (I hate to use the word obligations, but you know what I mean. Birthdays. Games. Events. Things that are important to those who are close to you.)
  • Work obligations
  • Appointments
  • Blocks of time to focus on your goals

Schedule planning time at the end of each week.

Review your monthly plan, then look at the coming week and block off time for:

  • Planning – at least 10 minutes every day
  • Meditation – at least 10 minutes a day to be still
  • Appointments – includes appointments with yourself to get things done
  • Work (hey, you have to be there – put it on your calendar so you can clearly see what time you have left)
  • Block out family time (date night, family night, car shows, games, classes, etc.)
  • Look at your monthly goals, break them down into tasks and calendar time to work on those tasks. There should be something on your to-do list every single day that furthers your big goal(s).

A goal is a dream with a deadline. PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR and make your dreams a reality, so make a promise to yourself right now to start allowing yourself time to do that.

(pssst . . . the first step to putting yourself on the scales of life is to identify what you want to do. Reply to this post and let me know what your dream is.)


2 thoughts on “Setting Priorities and Finding Balance

  1. And when planning your “Me time” remember my favorite saying:

    DISCIPLINE is just choosing between what you want NOW and what you want MOST. –unknown

    Note to self: Stop playing with the email and get back to work…….

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