Star Trek Chicago: The Westin

Westin O'HareAs I mentioned before, going to a Star Trek convention was a dream come true. As soon as I decided to go, I made reservations at the Westin because that was the host hotel. Although it was expensive, I think it was worth staying, largely because it was easy. We got to the hotel and that was our home base – we didn’t have to worry about getting here or there, plus there was the added bonus of running into folks in the hallways. The night we arrived, we saw several other Trekkies, all spotable because of their sci fi themed shirts.

The morning the conference opened, I saw Jeffrey Combs walking through the lobby. He is my favorite alien, on my favorite series – Shran, the Andorian captain. I smiled shyly at him and he nodded, probably thinking, oh, dear God, please don’t let that fan-girl bug me. And was probably hoping I wasn’t a stalker. Later that morning, I passed an elegant woman in the lobby with a large man escorting her. She was gorgeous, in that old movie star way. I thought she was Jackie Collins, perhaps, hiding behind large sunglasses. As we passed, I smiled and she said, “Good morning.” Watch for an upcoming post to find out who she was.

The layout above is part of my Star Trek album. It’s done using Kraft paper from my stash, misted with Glimmer Mist in roll top desk, and Core Crackle Paper. I inked the edges of everything with Soot Distress Ink, and attached the wristband with a Fastenater Staple. The final touch were some stickers from the Simple Stories Destinations collection.

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  1. So Lucky Lori!!! I’m a huge Star Trek fan as well:) Love Janaway she’s my favorite Capt. and then probably Pickard and then Star Trek Enterprise is my husbands fav with Tripp… He was devastated when they killed Tripp and that is his favorite thing to say …”I can’t Believe they Killed Tripp” I had him a t- shirt made for Christmas that has that on it that he loves:) I’m going to have to try to go to one of these!!

  2. Oh, Michelle, you’ve got to go! Tripp is one of my favorites and someday I’m going to meet him and get his autograph! We’re already making plans to go back to Chicago next spring. I had a ball. :o)

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