Star Trek Album: Meeting Jeffrey Combs


The main reason I wanted to go to the Star Trek convention in Chicago was to meet Jeffrey Combs. I used to watch Enterprise every Wednesday night, and loved the nights when Andorians were featured. Combs is well known for playing Captain Shran in Enterprise, and Weyoun in Deep Space Nine. Horror fans will recognize him as The Reanimator. He’s done lots of other stuff, too.


Getting my photo taken with Combs was huge. In spite of the cattle chute situation, with so many fans standing in line to get their photos taken, Creation does a great job. It went smoothly, quickly, and Combs was a pro. He greeted us warmly and smiled, then thanked us. This framed photo now has a place of honor in our living room. <GRIN>

If you’ve never been to a Star Trek convention before, I recommend purchasing your photo ops and autographs before the con. Also, do a little research and make sure the actor is a pro – I’ve seen some horrible photo op pics where it looks like the actor could hardly be bothered. But if you have a chance to meet Jeffrey Combs, go for it. He was so nice, and seemed genuinely appreciative of the fans. Oh – and if you have a chance to see the Star Trek Rat Pack, go for it. Jeffrey is one of the Pack, and they put on a fun show!

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  1. I would love to meet Jeffrey Combs! I can’t wait to read the rest of your blog and all your convention reports. So, how do you manage to get them to personalize?

    • For Jeffrey, I bought an autograph ticket before the convention. When you do that, you have to provide whatever the actor autographs. I purchased the above photo from the vendors’ area before the autograph session Friday night. All the actors I met in Chicago asked if I wanted it personalized. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

      • That’s good to know. Most of the conventions I attend say the stars won’t personalize. Perhaps it depends on how popular they are and how long the line is!

  2. I just met him in Las Vegas, and he was so sweet just like you said. Over the microphone they kept saying, “the stars are NOT personalizing, please don’t ask, we don’t have time for personalizations, etc.” but both Jeffrey Combs and Casey Biggs asked ME if I wanted it personalized anyway, and so both their autographs are. So, so gracious.

    I found that most of the stars were sweet (even The Shat was kind!) but the Next Gen stars were kinda snobby…did you feel that way? congrats on the sigs and pic, they are super neat.

    I love Dr. Herbert West long before I ever loved Star Trek. And Weyoun and Garak were my personal fave Star Trek characters, but who doesn’t also love Brunt and Shran?? 😉

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