Star Trek Album: Meeting Morgan Gendel

Morgan Gendel - signing autographs (behind Arlene Martel)

Morgan Gendel – signing autographs (behind Arlene Martel)

I hate it when I spot an error on a page after I’ve already scrapped it – in this one, I misspelled Morgan’s name! Sheesh! Meeting him was pretty exciting. I got so starstruck, I forgot to ask him if I could take a picture of him when he signed the script for me. I told him I was an aspiring writer. He told me I would probably enjoy this Writer’s Draft, which he found sitting in a desk a few years ago. This is his first draft, and what he presented to Rick Berman for Star Trek: The Next Generation. It’s interesting to look at this copy while watching the actual episode, because you can see the differences. For instance, in Morgan’s version, the crew moves the Captain to sick bay when he is struck down with the mysterious illness. In the final version, they left the Captain on the bridge of the Enterprise, because that meant one less set they had to deal with.

Morgan Gendel

Morgan Gendel

The talk he gave was interesting, talking about how he pitched this as a freelance writer and how the story morphed from his initial idea to the episode that appeared on the small screen.

For those who enjoy scrapbooking, I’ll point out a little something I did that I really liked on this page. I used a paint dauber to put Espresso Ink on the bottom of the page using a gear mask, then after it dried, I took a pen and outlined some of the gears, to give it a bit more dimension. I also created a hidden pocket on the back of the page, using scraps of paper. That’s where I tucked my journaling, with a little file folder label to mark it and offer a tab to pull the journaling card from the layout.

This is the last page of my 8×8 Star Trek album. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at it – I know I certainly enjoyed making it and sharing it with you.

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  1. I have really enjoyed looking at your Star Trek album layouts! You have inspired me to get back to work on my Star Trek album. I’m hoping to post some layouts prior to going to the Seattle con this weekend.

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