When Things Don’t Work Out as You Plan

Lori at Lake Minnetonka

Lori at Lake Minnetonka

I’ve really been fighting the blues lately. Part of it is that I’m tired, but a large part of it is that I had imagined NOW to be different. NOW was supposed to be sadness mingled with hope and excitement, because my daughter should be starting her freshman year at college. I even have a Pinterest board about all the things I wanted to do for her. I thought I would be excited for her embarking on a new adventure, missing her at home, making care packages for her, proudly wearing CSC apparel to show my support for her (by the way – if you’re looking for a college – Culver Stockton impressed me on so many levels). Instead, she’s living in a small apartment and working at a convenience store. It’s disappointing. I wanted her to have the best life possible, to enjoy college as much as I did.

But here’s the thing, life doesn’t always work out as you plan it.

And that is OK. NOW may be full of sadness for what she is missing out on and for all the things I didn’t get to experience as a college mom, but NOW is also full of excitement for myself and my husband as we embrace the empty nest and get to know each other as a couple for the first time (my stepdaughter was 6 when we got married).

How did you imagine NOW to be? Is it what you expected? If not, how are you adjusting?

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  1. A thoughtful post. We all need to spend more time appreciating NOW and less time looking back or pushing so hard for a future that may never come.

    Last year I was feeling sad about my granddaughter because she graduated high school and decided to work instead of starting college. I told myself she had to make her own decisions and tried not to push her. Last week she came down to tell me she had registered for the winter semester and will start classes in January.

    There is no way to know what difference a year will make for your daughter. You are wise to enjoy the NOW and wait to see what comes.

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