Hobbies to Fill an Empty Nest

I’m starting to prepare for the empty nest that I’ll be faced with next year. Still can’t believe that my baby is a senior in high school. Nearly 17. Dang. These past 17 years have flown by. But I digress . . . one of the things that I think will help me cope with her going off to college are my hobbies. They keep me busy.

I’m a writer. I love to write, have for years. One of my short stories was published in The Storyteller this summer, which thrills me to pieces. I’ve had one other story published, and it took first place in their People’s Choice (fiction) award! It would be so cool to do that again. I also write web copy for a riflescopes company, which has been a blast. I get to research for my fiction writing and use that research to write non-fiction copy, and get paid for it. Very cool.

I’m a scrapbooker. I have a studio, which I love escaping to every now and then. For me, it’s about recording the stories of my family, my life. I imagine my grandchildren looking at those albums, the albums being passed on for generations. Of course, they’ll probably get tossed some day. Nah – someday I’ll be a famous writer and those scrapbooks’ll be worth a mint! (don’t tarnish my dream, just go along with it)

I’m a runner. A very, very slow runner. But I run 2 miles three times a week. It’ been great. I love the feeling of freedom, lacing up my shoots and going out, just me and the road. And the occasional coyote. One scared the bejesus out of me a while back. Yikes. Unlike those who run with an iPod, I run with nothing – that’s a great time to noodle ideas, to think about my characters, and indulge my competitive side (though let’s face it, I’m only competing with myself . . . at my last race, I was beaten by an old couple WALKING. Yes, you read that right. Old. Walking.).

All these hobbies take time and compete for attention, but together they make me complete. Is it too much? Nah. There just aren’t enough hours.

What are your hobbies? Do you ever think you need to give one up, or is there one you want to take up?

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