Fear . . .


As a writer, I mine the depths of my psyche for things to put on the page. The common adage, write what you know, can be a bit misleading. At least I think so. If I wrote what I know, you’d be reading about a boring paralegal who is a newly-minted empty nester who spends 40 hours a week behind a desk and her free time reading and scrapping and watching television. Not exactly edge-of-your-seat reading. But I do know something about fear, desire, longing, love, etc. Emotions are at the heart of every piece of fiction that resonates with a reader. After all, it’s the emotion under the actions that inspires a writer as well as the reader.

Fear is what first sucked me into reading – Stephen King is the master. He can take one little situation and turn it into the most terrifying hours of life (and he is the reason I would never, ever, ever let anyone handcuff me to a bed . . . heck, I can’t even READ about that anymore after I read Gerald’s Game).

I’m trying to include more depth of emotion in my writing. Here’s what scares me the most, in no particular order:

  • Spiders. I can’t even stand to touch a dead one. They creep me out. Just attaching the photo above gave me the willies.
  • Tornadoes. I read an article when I was 8 or 9 years old about a woman whose body was found naked in a tree. The tornado had literally ripped her clothes off. At least that’s the way my 8 year old mind thought about it. Didn’t occur to me back then that she might’ve been sleeping nude. My hubs laughs at me, but during storms I am FULLY dressed. Don’t want to be found nekkid in a tree.
  • Fire. I lived through the Centralia Gas Fires (Jan 28, 1982 . . . lest we forget). I remember vividly being told that there had been an explosion at the elementary school, where my little brother was and I thought I had lost him. Terrifying doesn’t begin to describe the situation.

I’m going to mine some of those memories in my writing this week. Help me out. What scares YOU?

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  1. Ah yes Stephen King quite the author of fear. It was once said in a Punchyish sort of way that fear is the cause of fear itself; pretzel logic indeed. Greetings from the professor and by the way Are you maybe punchyish?

  2. Anxiety attacks scare me. I started to have them as a result of a severe MVA back in 2005. I almost died.

    The doctors made some mistakes and so I didn’t believe them when they told me I was okay. That feeling, where you really believe that you are going to die, that’s not a nice feeling.

    I also don’t like spiders, though my shoe and insect spray helps keep the squeals at bay, eh!

    Good read, thanks for sharing!

    Miss Lou

    • Thanks for stopping by, Miss Lou. All the things you mentioned are scary. My daughter was born very prematurely and has had several surgeries. I don’t know the feeling where I thought I was going to die, but experienced it with my daughter, and it was beyond terrifying.

      Thanks for sharing!

    • I hate crowds like that too. Would be so easy to be mowed down by a terrorist, or trampled by strangers, or drug in a different direction that I want to go, or . . . Yup, totally see what you mean!

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