Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Courtesy of Photo Morgue

Courtesy of Photo Morgue

In my recent journaling, trying to mine the depths of my soul for writing, I received a tip to explore my wild side.  Yeah, right . . . I may have had a wild side when I was younger, but my days now consist of work, taking care of our furbabies, watching TV and going to bed, with a side of laundry & housekeeping for good measure. If I drink 2 glasses of wine, I’m sound asleep. I don’t drink and drive, don’t do drugs, don’t smoke. BUT . . . those times when I have pushed myself, I felt more alive than I ever have before.

  • We took a rented Jeep up & over Tin Cup Pass – a 4×4 trail in Colorado. That was exhilarating as all get out. It was fun, exciting, challenging. I remember two main things about that day: (1) having to pee so badly when we were above the tree line that I dropped trou & hunkered down behind a scrubby bush – just as a bunch of 4-wheelers came down the switchback trail above us. My ever-so-thoughtful husband snapped a pic. And (2) when we reached the summit, it was like being on another planet. Truly awe-inspiring beauty and solitude.
  • I went on a police ride along last year, during the downtown night shift. The officer who took me was very helpful, glad to answer questions and allowed me to experience more than I ever though I would get to. I remember a couple of intense moments from that night: (1) the ability of the officer to maintain his composure even when the perp puked towards him, (2) the strain in the officer’s voice when he was responding to an attempted suicide that turned into an attack, and (3) that moment when I was locked in the SUV in a rough part of town with flashing lights strobing around me and thought, “Holy cow, what on Earth am I doing here?”

So, what have you done that was a walk on the wild side for you? Something that pushed you out of your comfort zone?

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  1. Hi, Lori! I found you through a comment you left on my blog; thanks! But it turns out we have some things in common (besides enjoying a little wine now and then!). My husband and I spend as much time in Colorado and Wyoming as we can. Love those mountain hikes! But I also got to do a police ride-along once — as a member of a citizen’s police academy class in our town. Thanks for sharing this blog post. I’m looking forward to looking back through your writings to find out what else we have in common!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Dianna. I attended a presentation you gave a few years ago at OCW. So cool that you did the citizen’s police academy. Did you enjoy it? I was approved for our local CPA & it was cancelled a week before we were due to start due to “lack of interest”. I was so bummed!

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