Woman on the beach at Gulf Shores

Woman on the beach at Gulf Shores

The week I spent in Gulf Shores was healing. I felt a sense of peace that I have never felt before. Given the difficulties of the past six months, that sense of peace was greatly appreciated. It allowed me to heal (well, to begin to heal, anyway). When I returned home to the hustle and bustle and routine of life, that sense of peace stuck with me for a while. I can still feel it if I stop what I’m doing, breathe slowly and imagine myself walking along the edge of the surf as the birds call out to each other in the early morning calm.

I tend to want to to figure things out, examine them and pick them apart. When I turned my inquisitive mind to that week, I thought it might have been the lack of pressure, the freedom to do what I wanted, the salty sea air. And it could have been any one of those things. Or all of those things. But most of all, I think it was the solitude.

Like the woman in the picture above, there is something calming and soothing about being alone with our thoughts.

Very zen. But so true.

I challenge you to allow yourself time alone, every day. Take a few moments to be quiet. Alone. Listen. Listen to the sounds of nature around you, the sound of your breath, and – this is important – listen to YOU.

Let me know how it goes for you.

BTW – if you like this, check out Zen Habits. I really like the blog post about breathing.

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