Santa Suit Gift Card Holder

Santa Suit Gift Card Holder

Santa Suit Gift Card Holder

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a fan of gift cards, but don’t like the giving part of them, so this year I tried to dress them up a bit. In this case, literally. 🙂 I was looking through my scraps and found this red piece of cardstock, already cut. As I held it up, it occurred to me that if I used it like a gate, the cuts would look like a neckline. I grabbed my handy dandy Martha Stewart score board and scored the sides so they would fold in neatly. I took a piece of scrap black cardstock and adhered it on the right side only, to look like a belt. I put one little magnet inside the red flap on the right, and another little magnet on the underside of the black cardstock.

Now, here’s a tip for working with magnets as closures. Pay attention to the polarity! The best way I’ve found is to go ahead and adhere your bottom magnet where you want it, then drop your second magnet on top. It will automatically flip and stick. Then put a glue dot or adhesive on the back of the second magnet and press your cardstock on top of that. If you follow this method, working in order from bottom to top, you will be assured that your clasp will line up and close correctly.

Finally, I added some snowflake Stickles and gold Stickles to add a little buckle and bling.

Oh – and the inside! I cut slits in the center of the red cardstock with an Xacto knife, using the envelope accessory of the Martha Stewart scoring board as a guide so that the cuts would be at a 45° angle. By cutting slits, I was able to insert the gift card into the slots so that it wouldn’t fall out.

Have you ever made a gift card holder? Please share your ideas – I’d love to hear about them!

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