Miniature Diamond J

When I was growing up, I always said I was going to live on a farm surrounded by animals. I wanted dogs, cats, horses, goats, cows . . . I wanted it all! I spent my summers armed with a recycled jar with nail holes in the lid, determined to catch lightning bugs, frogs, crickets and praying mantises (OK – that word has shown up twice today . . . I really need to look up the plural for that. Manti?). And I awoke each morning horrified to find the tiny dessicated carcasses of whatever creature I had caught the day before.

But I digress. Animals, whether large or small, were destined to be part of my life. When I met my husband, I was delighted to learn that he wanted to move to the country. And we did. Several years ago, we bought the 10 acres that we live on, then we bought a modular home, built a shop and built a barn. We’ve had cattle (and, oh, boy, are there some stories there. When you read Denim & Diamonds – which you will, right? – the scene where Andi helps deliver the calf is the story of our first calf), horses (tip: If someone offers to sell you a horse named “Satan’s Lady” – run.), dogs, cats, turtles, fish.

Cali, Cinnamon & Jasper

Cali, Cinnamon & Jasper

My favorite farm animals by far are our miniature horses. We bought Jasper when our kiddos were little, and gradually added to our little herd over the years. We’ve had babies and we’ve lost horses. Right now I’m sitting on the back deck watching Jasper, Cali and Cinnamon graze in the small pasture behind the barn lot. There is something so calming about the snuffling of horses, the small of fresh hay, and their soft nickers when you talk to them. Though I dreamed of having a horse ranch like the Diamond J, I’m quite happy with our little mini farm here in rural Missouri.

When you were a kid, what was your dream home?


2 thoughts on “Miniature Diamond J

  1. Lori,
    We live not far from you all and love the diversity of many farms in the area. Even the pig farm that is close to us. I love living out in the country where the kids can run free and not be told to watch the road, they are always looking for toads to catch and put in the garden for me, turtles to keep out of the garden (those go home with them). Always an adventure to go on, even if it is a stick we have found that ends in a sword fight. The climbing tree to hide in when their parents tell them it is time to go home or they are mad at someone.
    Can’t find that kind of peace in a city can you??

    • You’re absolutely right, Mylene! I grew up in a small town, and loved the freedom that came with that. Am so glad we live where we do. And I’ve been catching baby toads like crazy here lately and moving them to my flower beds! 🙂

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