To Do Lists

Lori L. Robinett, writer

I start off every morning with a yellow pad, divided into two columns. On the left is my Daily To Do, on the right is my Ongoing To Do.

I try to put no more than five things on my Daily list, largely because I know that more things will be added throughout the day and, well, I simply know that I won’t be able to accomplish more than that. If by some miracle I do get through all five tasks, I can move over to my Ongoing list and work through it.

How do you keep track of what you need to do?

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About Lori Robinett

Lori is a creative soul trapped in a paralegal’s body. As a child, she wrote pages and pages in longhand. As a teenager, she pounded away on a typewriter. As a college student, she learned about criticism (death to English Comp!). As an adult, she found her hours filled with work and parenting. Then, she rediscovered the joy of escaping into a world of her own creation. After all, it’s not illegal to write all those twisted things that pop into your head!

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