#FiftyShades of Reality – Part 2

That movie just opened last week and it’s still everywhere – on blogs, on Facebook, on TV, and on the tongues of women everywhere. I just watched a short trailer, and the scene showed the two characters sitting at a long dining room table, one at each end. That got me to thinking about reality vs. TV.

When I got married, I had all sorts of ideas about what married life would be like. It was all romanticized, influenced by movies and TV and books. Even though marriage hasn’t been exactly what I imagined, I’m quite happy with the reality:


Gracie & Peanut

We sleep in a king-sized bed, but with a miniature Beagle and a miniature Schnauzer wedged between us.

No long dining room table for us – we eat in the living room on our coffee table. At least it’s one of those that swings up to table height.

No gourmet meals at our house. Most nights it’s soup out of a can or grilled cheese because we’re both tired from work.

Jetting off to an exotic location isn’t in the cards, but we did spend Valentine’s Day browsing a really cool antique mall.

While TV romancers send huge bouquets of flowers for Valentine’s Day, my hubby surprised me with a drawer to hold K-cups – and my Keurig sits right on top, so there’s no lost counter space. THAT was a perfect Valentine’s Day. For me.

As I read back over this list, I realize just how lucky I am. This marriage thing may not be straight out of a romantic movie, but it makes me incredibly happy.

How about you? How different is your life than what you imagined?

4 thoughts on “#FiftyShades of Reality – Part 2

  1. The song by Garth Brooks comes to mind about unanswered prayers. I wouldn’t change a thing….because I ended up right were I needed to be. Don’t know how I got so lucky to be married to my best friend and still feel that way after 22 years.

  2. You do realize that movie was not about marriage? Our marriage has gone through about a dozen stages in the last 51 years. At different times it’s been about sex, about making a home, about raising kids. . . but the romance has always been there, too. My hubby let me sleep late on Valentines Day, and when I woke up he gave me a huge heart-shaped box of Russell Stover’s. Then he came back to bed and we shared the first delicious piece. I could have reminded him we’re trying to lose weight Didn’t even consider it.

    • Good point, Carolyn. Fifty Shades isn’t about marriage. I was thinking in terms of relationships – the temporary rush of Fifty Shades vs. the long-lasting love of a strong marriage. Your Valentine’s Day sounds perfect! 🙂

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