The latest thriller in the Widow’s Web series will keep you in suspense right from the start. Going on the run is hard enough – but it’s nearly impossible when you’re pregnant. Sophie’s fairytale life turns into a nightmare when Sophie learns that her brilliant husband, a world-renowned cancer researcher, has experimented on their unborn child. She goes on the run to save her baby from Marcus Chaney, a powerful man determined to harvest the research growing within her to save his dying mother. Will Sophie escape with her life . . . and her baby?


Did Andi Adams murder her husband?

Andi is married to a handsome, charismatic man. He’s a successful pillar of their cozy island community. She’s a beautiful young wife devoted to him. From the outside, their life appears perfect.

But on the inside, she is constantly on edge, trying to keep him happy so she won’t suffer scathing words that hurt just as much as the occasional sharp blow from him.

Then she snaps. His abuse pushes her too far. In the blink of an eye, she becomes a widow and finds herself inextricably entwined in the web of lies he wove in the months before his death. Her small town neighbors whisper behind her back, as if the sensational death of her husband is the subject of a pulp novel. When a blackmailer threatens to expose her as a murderer, she must piece together her husband’s life to find the key to her own freedom.

Fatal Impulse is the first in an intriguing new mystery series, where each widow faces challenges that threaten to destroy her just as she begins to find her strength. new Contemporary Western Romance, with a romantic suspense twist, from the author of Denim & Diamonds.

Gina Montgomery has been a single mom so long, she’s forgotten she’s a woman — until a romantic hero straight out of her dreams strolls into her life, awakening desire and lust. The cowboy surprises her at every turn. When she freaks out about a spider, he calmly carries it outside. When her dishwasher breaks, he fixes it. She won’t let just any man into her life — as a single mom, she just can’t risk it — but Aidan is different and she feels a thrill of excitement every time she’s around him.

Aidan Brackston is a working cowboy running from his wealthy family, who has never let a woman get close, until he finds himself picturing a life with Gina and her little boy in the small town of Wilder. There’s something about Gina, something that makes him want to take care of her, to love her, to make her laugh. She’s not like the plastic girls from his previous life. Gina is real.

Just as their passion ignites, cattle rustlers strike too close for comfort. A life hangs in the balance. Aidan and Gina must work together . . . can they get to them in time?

Same as the “hot cowboy” version of Diamond in the Rough, except this special edition contains a bonus section where Gina shares instructions for several of the scrapbooking projects mentioned in the book.