Credit: LadyHeart (via Photo Morgue)

Credit: LadyHeart (via Photo Morgue)

Want to order a book or ask a question about one of them? Curious about how I came up with my characters’ names? Wonder where I get my ideas? Wonder if that’s my husband on the cover of Diamond in the Rough? Looking for someone to talk to your book club? Need someone to talk to your group about How To Write, Publish & Market your Novel?

Email me at lori(at) – I’m always happy to talk writing (or murder, or cowboys, or murder, or Jeeps, or dogs . . . and yeah, I know I put murder in there twice.)

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3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi, Lori, I read your article about book signings on BookDaily. I’ve done quite a few but you had some great suggestions. Thank you for sharing. I would love to have a copy of your template for the candy wrapper.

    Kind regards,
    Elaine Macko

  2. Hi Lori, We met through Carolyn Branch at the Columbia Public Library local authors event a couple of months ago. I have published my new book Mr. Bubbles and it is now available through the publishers website and Amazon. However, I want additional copies of the book for local events and am wondering what the cost will be if I get them printed with three Creeks. The book is just 100 pages, white with black ink and a colored cover. I think that it is about 8″ X 6″. The cost of 300 books through the publisher including shipping is $1333.00 until the end of this year and then it about doubles. Due to last minute timing, I would appreciate you giving me a cost figure at the earliest possible time. Thanks,

    Cathy L. Aman

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