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http://lorilrobinett.comI’m happy to be hosting D. E. Haggerty today. Join me in offering her congratulations on the release of her new novel, Murder, Mystery & Dating Mayhem. As you know, my books generally include second chances, so I asked D.E. about her second chance. Grab a cup of java and let’s chat with her . . . (and don’t forget to enter for a chance to win an Amazon gift card below!)

Secˑond chance Definition (n.) opportunity to try something again

Self-publishing is my second chance at a writing career. Despite the fact that I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing, whether it be short stories, novels, poems, or songs, I never thought about writing as a career. A writing career was for someone that came from an educated and wealthy household not the daughter of a factory worker. I settled on law as my career choice. From the age of five, I was determined to do anything necessary to become a lawyer. And I did. I even joined the military to profit from the GI Bill.

Although I love the law and I absolutely loved law school, being a lawyer was not for me. Not even close. I tried everything I could think of to keep in the field. I worked at a large law firm, as a company lawyer, for the public sector, and finally for a specialized law firm. It just wasn’t for me.

During one of my numerous job changes, I took a six-month break and wrote Unforeseen Consequences. I thought that this manuscript was my chance to escape from the law. I was wrong. I tried to find an agent, a publisher, anything. No dice. I ended up going back to the law, albeit in yet another position, but I just couldn’t keep at it.

Desperate for a change, I convinced my husband to move to Germany where we bought an old pension and renovated it into a Bed & Breakfast. At first, the change was good. Renovating the house and getting everything set up for the business was fun. Running the B&B on a day-in and day-out basis, however, was not. I was naïve and didn’t realize running a B&B is mostly about cleaning and making breakfast. It turns out I’m allergic to most cleaning liquids. Who knew? To be honest I hated the constant cleaning even before my hands broke out into hives.

During one of our never-ending discussions about how unhappy I was with my career, my very patient husband suggested I pull the manuscript for Unforeseen Consequences out of the attic and self-publish it. Although self-publishing has always been around to a certain extent, e-books hadn’t existed when I first wrote the book. Now it turned out I could publish my manuscript as an e-book with almost no cost. I might have pushed my hubby out of the way as I ran to the attic to get the manuscript.

Self-publishing turned into my second chance at a writing career (although to be fair giving ‘traditional’ publishing a chance for only six months wasn’t really giving it much of a chance). To be completely honest I was also incredibly lucky in that I no longer need to make a lawyer’s salary like I did when I initially wrote Unforeseen Consequences. I have the luxury of being able to spend my days writing, marketing and researching without worrying (too much) about royalties. It was thus a combination of factors that lead to my second chance. E-book self-publishing plus a great career opportunity for my husband in Istanbul meant that I could forego (at least for now) the legal salary and concentrate on writing.

Hapˑpy Definition (adj.) feeling pleasure and enjoyment because of your life, situation, etc.

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#Romance Review: Smolder on a Slow Burn By Lynda J. Cox

From the moment I started reading Smolder on a Slow Burn by Lynda J. Cox, I was drawn into the historical setting and immediately wanted to know more about Allison and A.J. It was obvious from the beginning that each character carried secrets and the fact that they shared a connection surprised me – it was a twist that I hadn’t seen coming. A man named Oakten is responsible for destroying both their lives, and his man Garrison is on their trail. Allison is running for her life, accused of the murder of her sister and nephew, guilty of educating the children of slaves. A.J. still carries the terrors and injustices of war upon his shoulders, with the injuries to his soul nearly as bad as those upon his body. The memories of his years as a prisoner of war come back as nightmares that bleed over into wakefulness.

When the two find themselves on the run after barely becoming acquainted on a westbound train in Nebraska, the physical attraction surprises both of them. A.J. was always faithful to his wife, even after her death. For the first time since he lost her, he finds that he can’t resist the wisp of a woman who is stronger than she appears. Allison, on the other hand, tries her darnedest to maintain propriety as a single woman on the prairie, but circumstances throw her into quite improper closeness to a man who is more of a gentleman than he seemed to be at first blush.

After a terrifying night in a sodden shelter during a hailstorm, he tenders a proposal of marriage and she accepts. Though both are damaged, together, they are whole. Together, they must fight the demons of their past – even when those demons turn out to be flesh and blood men determined to destroy their lives.

If you enjoy historicals, Westerns or romances, I recommend this book. The characters are well-written and layered, and a couple of steamy sex scenes pull you in and make you feel the romance between Alli and AJ.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

Book Tour: Smolder on a Slow Burn

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Virtual Book Tour Dates: 12/9/14 – 1/6/15

Genres: Western Historical Romance



SmolderonaSlowBurn_w8473_300 (2)



When your life has been stolen from you and the man responsible wants you dead, where do you run? Who do you trust?

Allison Webster dreams of having an adventure like the characters in the books she loves. But there is no romance in being pursued by a man who wants her dead for educating the children of former slaves. Unlike the heroines she reads about she doesn’t have a trusty companion to rescue her…until she literally runs into A.J. Adams, a former Confederate cavalry officer. Now, she just has to convince A.J. he really is the honorable man and hero depicted in the dime novel she is reading.

When everything you fought for was stripped away, even your honor, what is left to fight for other than revenge?

Branded a “traitor” for more than ten years, scarred by harsh treatment in an inhumane prisoner of war camp, A.J. Adams wants revenge. Allison Webster’s arrival into his life provides the bait to destroy the men who murdered his wife and daughters and kidnapped his little brother. The men pursuing Allison are the very same men he has sworn to kill. Falling in love and admitting he might actually be a hero means surrendering his need for vengeance. Surrender is not part of A.J.’s battle strategy.

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A.J. watched her make her way from the boxcar with as much dignity as it appeared she could muster. The memory of that tiny waist in his hands and the slightness of her build had startled him. The barrier of that shapeless dark green sedge skirt vanished the moment his hands closed around her waist, and he could envision long, lithe limbs. He didn’t make it a habit to imagine any woman undressed, but this one knocked every bit of his equilibrium out from under him and he didn’t have the slightest idea why she did.

When she met his eyes, he’d been taken back. Slender, feathered brows lifted and eyes the color of melted chocolate widened—widened enough he was sure she saw all the way into the black abyss that was once his soul. Bright color flooded her cheeks when he told her to have a seat on the hay bale. Her slight Georgia drawl, hidden under layers of what sounded to be years of formal education, knifed into his chest.

He had watched her discreetly tuck several strands of walnut hair back under that ridiculous hat perched on her head. Realizing he had been staring at her, A.J. turned his back, letting the rapidly moving landscape occupy his gaze. She was lovely, he had to admit that. Walnut hair kissed with warm gold, high cheekbones that curved just enough to give her an elfin cast, a pert little nose, and the darkest chocolate eyes he’d ever seen combined into a rather alluring image. It had been a very long time since he had looked at a woman and not compared her to Cathy. He had sworn, as he knelt at Cathy’s grave that there would never be another. Now, a little slip of a thing had gotten in past his carefully constructed battlements and stirred something in him he could have sworn an oath to be long dead and buried beneath a live oak in Kentucky.

She was right, he was no gentleman. Sliding the door shut in her face hadn’t been the most gentlemanly thing he could have done, but he had long ago given up being anything that might even resemble a gentleman. He’d given that up sometime during his tenure in a veritable hell on earth called Camp Infernum. If he’d harbored hopes of regaining anything that came close to gallantry after watching men fight one another like animals for a scrap of moldy bread, all hope died on a warm spring afternoon when he collapsed to his knees at Clayborne at the graves of his wife and daughters and learned his younger brother had been taken by a band of roving deserters. A.J. knew his veneer of civility was just that—a veneer hiding a wounded, dangerous animal.


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About the Author:

Lynda J. Cox will tell anyone who will listen that she was born at least one hundred and fifty years too late, and most definitely in the wrong part of the country. She holds a master’s degree in English with a concentration in creative writing from Indiana State University after earning her BA from the same university as a non-traditional student. (Think being old enough to be mom to 90% of the students in her freshman cadre.) She’s kept busy with two spoiled rotten house cats, a 30 plus year old Arabian gelding who has been nicknamed “Lazarus” for his ability in the later years of his life to escape death, and quite a few champion collies. When she isn’t writing, she can be found on the road, travelling to the next dog show. She loves to chat about books, the writing life, and the insanity which is called a “dog show” and can be reached through her Facebook page.


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Book Tour: Sonar the Crashing – Shiray Romeland’s Inner Goddess

Shiray Romeland is a strong, passionate woman who is not afraid to fight for those she loves. Shiray faces the ultimate test. Her morals and values are the only thing that keeps her grounded.
Her husband develops amnesia and doesn’t remember their marriage. Trials challenge her relationship, but Shiray refuses to give up. Life wreaks havoc in her path. But she knows that life is not always black and white. She reaches deep inside herself and learns not to always look for a reason why trouble was in her mist. Sometimes there’s not a logical explanation. She had to accept the situation and forgive the people she loved. Shiray’s tribulations made her a stronger person.
Shiray’s not perfect, and makes mistakes, but she believes love is eternal. Love is so bold it has no boundaries to hold.

Shiray’s planet is dear to her, as is her family. Although she is royalty, she fights right alongside her comrades to protect Kadan. She is willing to sacrifice everything to keep her loved ones safe.

B. Truly

Author of Sonar the Crashing

Book Tour: Life Discarded #BookTour #thriller

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Virtual Book Tour Dates: 11/24/14 – 12/22/14

Genres: Suspense/Thriller/Mystery, Women’s Lit

Tour Promo: Unforeseen Consequences and Buried Appearances by D.E. Haggerty are free until 1/1/15.




Cover 2.0



Why would a woman who has it all throw her life away? Morgan has the perfect life. She married the man of her dreams. Daniel is smart, gorgeous and successful. Everything she has always wanted in a husband and the father of her children. But he’s also overprotective, jealous, and domineering. Is living with him enough to drive Morgan over the edge? Or does something more treacherous lurk beneath the façade?


A gorgeous, sweet woman that is oblivious to her own beauty. She’s shy with men, but a rock to her friends. A librarian in a small town in the mid-west. She’s been waiting a long-time to find the one.


An accountant in the city who will do anything to be the youngest partner in his firm. He always gets what he wants and he wants Morgan. He will pursue Morgan until she submits.


They rush through a courtship and marry within a year of meeting. Morgan’s life is perfect. She has a job she loves, a best friend for which she would do anything and a husband that completes her. But things are not often as they appear. Behind closed doors the loving Daniel that Morgan married is jealous and overprotective. Sometimes he’s even domineering.

The Culmination

Morgan runs away – destroying everything in her path as she disappears. What made this good girl go bad?

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Shaking hands steer the car to the nearest full service gas station. Only one or two gas stations in town still offer full service, but she had done her homework and knew this one did. Not only did full service guarantee that someone else would be pumping her gas, but its expense meant that there’s never a wait. Maneuvering the car to the furthest full service pump, she waits, hands clutching the steering wheel, for the attendant.

After what feels like an eternity to her fevered brain, the attendant finally notices her and saunters over to her car. Her eyes follow him, silently urging him to quicken his pace. Come on, come on. “Fill it up,” she squeaks at him when he finally reaches her car. She grabs her over-large purse and jumps out of the car, nearly tripping in her haste. Looking back, she whispers “I’m sorry” to the oblivious attendant before continuing around the building.

When she reaches the rear of the building, she frantically scans the area. Finally she spots the large garbage container, not in its usual spot. She jogs to it and squats behind it; shrinking into herself and covering her ears. Just in time. A loud bang shakes the earth below her feet. Looking up, she sees flames shooting into the sky.

Time to get out of here. She stands on shaky legs, taking a moment to calm her erratic breath before walking in the opposite direction – refusing to look back.


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About the Author:

D.E. Haggerty was born and raised in Wisconsin but thinks she’s a European. After spending her senior year of high school in Germany, she developed a bad case of wanderlust that is yet to be cured. After high school she returned to the U.S. to go to college ending up with a Bachelor’s degree in History at the tender age of 20 while still managing to spend time bouncing back and forth to Europe during her vacations. Unable to find a job after college and still suffering from wanderlust, she joined the U.S. Army as a Military Policewoman for 5 years. While stationed in Heidelberg, Germany, she met her future husband, a flying Dutchman. After being given her freedom from the Army, she went off to law school. She finished law school and moved to the Netherlands with her husband and became a commercial lawyer for more than a decade. During a six month break from the lawyering world, she wrote her first book, Unforeseen Consequences. Although she finished the book, she went back to the law until she could no longer take it and upped stakes and moved to Germany to start a B&B. Three years after starting the B&B, she got the itch and decided to pull the manuscript for Unforeseen Consequences out of the attic and get it published as an e-book. Deciding that she may have indeed finally found what she wanted to do with her life, she went on to write Buried Appearances. After moving to Istanbul, she started on Life Discarded, her third book. Between tennis, running, traveling, singing off tune and reading books like they are going out of style, she writes articles for a local expat magazine and various websites, reviews other indie authors’ books, writes a blog about whatever comes to mind and is working on her fourth book.


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BOOK TOUR: #SpecialRun by Lena McCoy (and a #giveaway!)



Special Run: If an animal spoke to you, would you listen? Botanist/psychokinetic Katrina Ormstead created a super hash. A variety of marijuana she calls MAGIC. Before she can share her successful medical findings with the scientific community, she’s murdered. There is, however, one witness begging to come forward. Special is Katrina’s wolf-hybrid dog. She saw her mistress die. She wants revenge. Now she has to convince food photographer, animal psychic and Katrina’s best friend Wheat Keigwin of the same thing. Together, dog and woman dedicate themselves to solving the mystery behind Katrina’s death.

“Trust me, if you’re an animal lover, a paranormal fiction follower, a reader of rom-coms, or a murder mystery aficionado, you should really buy this book.” Charlie Bray’s Indi Book Reviews, The Indietribe Newsletter – Read the whole review at: http://eepurl.com/Pd4gv

I just finished reading Special Run and am thrilled to have the author with us today (and please keep reading – my review follows her post). I asked her to tell us about strong characters, because her main character, Wheat, was so appealing to me. Lena, welcome – and please, tell us about Wheat and how you came to write such a strong character!

When the story Special Run came to me in a dream, my character, Wheat Keigwin, was born.
Special Run literally came to me in a dream. The urge to write the outline was so powerful when I woke the next morning, the first thing I did was find a pen and pad of paper. Besides the outline of the story, I wrote the descriptions of the main characters and a young Meg Ryan became Wheat Keigwin.
Physical description aside, as I studied my notes, I realized in my dream Wheat was a fearless, no nonsense woman. It wasn’t until I started writing the story that I realized she was an accumulation of the women I’ve known.

I’ve been surrounded by strong women my entire life. How could my character be anything less?
I knew from the start Wheat would not be some bumbling damsel in distress, tripping her way through the book. She is a character that meets challenges head on. As an author I know I bring my own experiences into my writing. I tribute my life growing up in rural America with the way I view and grow my characters.

Like me, Wheat grew up with women who put the Nike™ brand to the test. “Just Do It” could be the mantra for all farm and ranch women. Without a grocery store around the corner, you learn to plan in advance or use what you have for food. You’re creative when it comes to making a costume for Halloween. You do chores, take care of your husband and your children and still find time to make quilts for the less fortunate.

I grew up in a home with no complaining. You did what you had to do to accomplish a task. You had to take care of your animals no matter what the weather or time because they provided for you – money and food. You ate the food God provided and thanked him for a full belly. Even when Wheat is afraid, she knows it is no use panicking because it won’t change the outcome. Underlying that fact, I know she believes in God and knows her fate, whatever it is, is in his hands.

Because of Wheat’s personality I had to find a way to make her grow and change. Facing an inner demon and being true to her best friend allows Wheat to use her psychic ability in a positive way. She has mixed feelings about an old love interest and struggles to sort the emotions. However, because of her inner strength, the decisions she makes or based on her core values.

Currently I’m working on the sequel to Special Run called Bulldog Fall. Wheat Keigwin once again is an amateur sleuth with a dog in need and a mystery to solve. Wheat is the conduit that helps a dog bring a killer to justice.

In progress concurrent with Bulldog Fall is an unnamed thriller I’m writing. Once again my protagonist, Mesa Stone, grew up on the farm. It allows me to use my life experience to create a strong woman. She knows about bailing wire and she isn’t afraid to use it!

REVIEW (note: a copy of the book was provided to me in return for an honest review)

What initially drew me to this story was the setting. We’ve vacationed in Colorado and I could totally picture a desolate huddle of buildings squatting in the harsh landscape east of the Rockies. The characters were believable and layered. As an animal lover, the power that allows Wheat to communicate with animals was appealing. As a mystery lover, I was drawn to the possibility that a dog could assist with an investigation, and bring a murderer to justice.

The story begins with Wheat as she returns to her Colorado hometown after her best friend is murdered. We quickly learn that this isolated town is much more than it appears to be at first glance. Hidden from the rest of the world by a protection spell, the town harbors a unique collection of talented folks who have powers that vary from the ability to heal animals to call fairies.

I have to admit, the beginning chapter was difficult to read when Kat and her dogs are shot. The idea of the wolf-cross Special dragging her battered body across the blood-soaked ground to protect her mistress was heart wrenching. And that was exactly what kept me reading. Special witnessed Kat’s murder and, thanks to Wheat’s talent of talking with animals, the dog has the ability to bring her mistress’s killers to justice. After a wreck in an old grain truck that seems a bit too convenient to be just an accident, Wheat loses her ability and must depend on traditional investigative skills to find the bad guys. The local Sheriff, who runs with the pack of wolves during the full moon, does his best to combine police work with the talents of the townspeople to find out who has broken through the umbrella of protection to hurt one of their own.

Quirt, a federal agent with a K9 partner, Blow, comes to town to investigate a tip about drugs. Kat was working with a unique strain of potent marijuana called MAGIC that has amazing powers. The plant holds the secret to healing diseases such as cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, but the potential for success may have died with Kat. Was Kat killed for the miracle drug? Will Quirt find his rightful place with his pack? And will Wheat accept her power . . . and finally open her heart to true love?

The action is well-written and the story compelling. The story was strong enough to overcome a few minor typos here and there. Occasionally I lost track of the characters and their connections. There are quite a few secondary characters, with a variety of powers, and at times that can be a bit overwhelming. Overall, though, the story was engaging. I recommend it for readers who enjoy paranormals or mysteries. I also recommend it for animal lovers who are looking for something beyond the typical dog story. Overall, I give it 4 stars.

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An agriculture journalist, Lena Jo McCoy has worked in the print-media fields, both newspapers and magazines and has spent most of her life devoted to agriculture. Lena Jo has long admired the works of animal behaviorist Temple Grandin, Cesar Milan as well as the farmers and ranchers she’s written about and is dedicated to the humane treatment of all animals. When she is not playing servant to her two English Bulldogs, Lena Jo finds herself at the computer writing the next story.

You can find her here:




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SJ Parkinson: Interview with the Author of #Twinkle + #Giveaway!

twinkle tour banner

 Virtual Book Tour Dates: 7/31/14 – 8/28/14

Genres: Science Fiction




 I’m delighted to have the author of Twinkle, SJ Parkinson, with us today. Welcome, SJ!

My love of sci fi grew from watching Star Trek at 10:35 on Saturday nights as a kid. Where did your love of sci fi come from?
One of my first memories as a child was watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon on television. I suspect that one event inspired my fascination with of space travel. As a teenager, I had an eight foot book shelf in my room with classic novels. The shelf overflowed with Asimov, Bradbury, Herbert, Clarke, Card, Welles, etc. On weekends, I would scour flea markets for used books. I would come home from school, retreat to my bed, and read a couple of chapters before dinner and typically finish it after eating. The one book that grabbed me, and continues to be my favorite to this day, is Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein. It inspired me to join the military, which I did at eighteen.

I tend to read everything from sci fi (one of my favorite books is Rendezvous with Rama) to romantic comedy. What genres do you enjoy reading?
Sci-fi is my favorite genre, but I do enjoy thrillers and non-fiction. I used to read a book a day as a teen, but now that I’m writing I can’t keep up that pace. Most of the books I read now are research for future novels, but I do occasionally read something else that catches my interest. The last three books I read were a biography of Nikola Tesla, a history of the Colditz prisoner of war camp in World War II, and the last book of Asimov’s Foundation series. Historical books inspire me as a writer and generate all sorts of ideas.

Which authors have influenced your writing?
That would be a long list. Apart from the authors I’ve already mentioned Frederick Forsyth, Michael Crichton, Bernard Cornwell, and Tom Clancy all inspired me deeply. Forsyth’s plots are so realistic you can imagine them coming from a newspaper headline. Crichton takes existing science and brings it one step further. Bernard Cornwell sets his fictional books against actual historical events and Clancy’s ability to create tension is unparalleled. I use elements of each in my writing.

Your books are very realistic. Tell us about the research you do.
As a reader myself, there is nothing I hate more that seeing something in a book and knowing it’s false. I once read a story where the hero carried a revolver. Then several pages later he is described as changing magazines. Revolvers don’t have magazines and from that point on I was unable to believe what I read. More glaring errors followed and I stopped reading at that point. Even though I write fiction, I strive to ensure that what I write is accurate so that my readers don’t end up being disappointed.
A portion of one of my earlier novels, The Legionnaire: Origins takes place in Algeria. A good friend of mine is French-Algerian and after reading Origins he asked me when I’d been there. He refused to believe me when I told him I’d never visited Algeria. His response was, “You must have been there. Your description of the Tuareg nomads is perfect.”

Typically, I do at least a week or two of research for a novel before writing a word. Twinkle was so broad in scope that the research for that novel took me three months. At the end of that time, I know the places, settings, and descriptions of the various places intimately and as a result I can write a lot faster. Often the research will give me information to take a character in a completely different direction than what I had initially envisioned.

If you could live in a sci fi world, what would it be like?
I would choose to live in a world halfway between Star Trek and Blade Runner. In Star Trek everything is clean, ordered, and well organized where Blade Runner is industrial, over-crowded, and run down. I’d like to think our future would lie somewhere between those two extremes.

Regardless, as a species we need to start working together more to get there. Five thousand years ago we were warring tribes. Today, the only change is the effectiveness of the weapons. I’m an optimist and have hope for the future, but the multiple ongoing conflicts and clashing ideologies in the world today are not encouraging. Problems don’t come from believing something. They occur when someone tries to force someone else to believe what they do. The human race seems to be adopting an, “I’m right, you’re wrong and nothing you say will change my mind” attitude. If we want to see that ideal future, we need to start talking and understanding each other better. After all, if you don’t respect someone else’s views, why should they respect yours?

I understand you are a gamer. How does that affect your writing?
I come from a technology background. Electronics, radar, and communications in the military, then as an IT manager in later life. I spend most of my day around computers so you’d think I’d get as far away from them as possible when not writing. That’s true to some extent as I love to travel, scuba dive, hike, spend time with friends, and get out into the great outdoors. However, at night, or during dreary days I turn on the computer and boot up a game. It helps my writing as gaming takes my mind off my various projects. It’s a small break that gives me some separation. I no longer focus on plots, characters, settings, pacing or any of the other considerations. When done, I return to my writing refreshed and ready to go on.

If you could spend a day with one of your characters, who would it be and why?
I had to think about this question for quite some time. My initial response was Stephen Anderson, my main character from The Legionnaire series. However, I realized we’re so similar we’d probably just annoy each other. Being a shallow male, I then thought of spending a day with one of my attractive heroines, but my wife would disapprove. Then I remembered Oscar Blake. In Twinkle, he is a US Park Ranger and trail guide. Spending a day with him exploring the Olympic National Park in Washington State would be a good day. Having a local guide means you’ll see the best views and scenes.

Can you tell us what projects you are working on now?
My sixth novel is a return to the mystery-adventure genre. It’s the story of a thief in modern day New York City who is set-up for a murder he was not responsible for. The story revolves around him finding the real killer before the police arrest him. I’m also developing book four in The Legionnaire series and another pair of science fiction novels. Beyond the writing, I’m looking into getting my novels translated into other languages and working on screenplays to get them turned into movies.

Thanks for this opportunity to speak to your readers. Have a great week.

The richest man in the world wants to celebrate the July 4th holiday as never before. In a bid to get into the record books, a global fireworks show is staged from orbit. Satellites drop pyrotechnics into the atmosphere, thrilling everyone from the Arctic to the Antarctic with their rich colors and massive explosions in every time zone.

The next day, people around the globe begin to lose their sight. Governments crumble, society degenerates, and infrastructure falls into chaos. Humanity finds itself stumbling in the dark and losing all hope.

A few fortunate individuals retain their vision. Attempting to deal with the growing despair around them, they come together to discover the true purpose and origin of the affliction. They race to find a cure before the world is subjugated under an invading power.

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Keith Hurst’s secure telephone rang, waking him from a sound sleep. He opened his eyes and looked at the LED clock on his nightstand. It said 3:12. As national security advisor to the president of the United States, middle-of-the-night calls were common. His staff did their best to filter out the less important matters until his morning brief, but there were times when an emergency forced sleep into second place.

Hurst grabbed the handset by the second ring. He had to wait for the encryption to handshake before he could say, “Hurst.”

Good morning, sir. This is the night watch officer. We have several NSA intercepts from the following countries: India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia all placing their militaries on high alert. We’ve had sporadic reports of multiple air, car, and rail accidents, resulting in thousands of deaths. Many radio and television stations have gone off the air in those countries.”

Hurst snapped on his bedside light and sat up. “Accidents? Do we know the cause?”

No, sir. The strange thing is, NSA claims many of the foreign military units that were signaled never acknowledged the alert. There also appears to be a major communication disruption with U.S. CENTCOM units in Afghanistan and our embassies in the aforementioned countries.”

Are the comms being hacked, or is there some sort of natural phenomenon like sunspot interference?” Concerned about the call, Hurst looked at the empty space beside him. His wife had left him several years before, directly because of the election campaign and the late-night calls.

No, sir. Not that we can see. The circuits are up, and the phones are ringing, but no one is answering.”

Hurst swung his legs out of bed. Has someone come up with a way to simultaneously disrupt communications with American bases, embassies, and headquarters, or is this some sort of terrorist attack? “Does NRO have anything on overhead imagery?”

No, sir. No major troop movements in the CENTCOM area. In fact, NRO reports minimal movement overall.”

I’ll be in the office in thirty-five minutes. I’ll want everyone in for an early brief for the president. Get the joint chiefs and SECDEF up to speed. Warn the Secret Service that we may be moving POTUS with short notice. If this is an attack, I want to stay ahead of it. See if we can get drone surveillance of any U.S. bases in Afghanistan ASAP. We need answers.”

Yes, sir.”

Hurst hung up and hit the bedside crash button to summon his protection detail. This was no time for subtlety. He needed to be in the White House as soon as humanly possible.


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Mr. Parkinson was an Air Force avionics technician, a decorated veteran of the Persian Gulf War, and several United Nations peacekeeping missions. He has lived overseas in numerous countries and travels extensively. His novels have been praised for their realism and have sold in fourteen countries, winning multiple international awards.
“I don’t incorporate overt sex, profanity, or extreme violence in any of my writing. I prefer the story to be the main focus and want my novels to be accessible by all.” -SJ Parkinson


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Bonus: Throwback Thursday picture from vacation 2010 at my favorite family vacation spot.


Katelyn & me at Silver Beach

Going on Tour: Countdown to Launch #giveaway #romance

As you likely know, my book, Denim & Diamonds, recently was released. I’m going on a blog tour this next week, and one lucky winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift card. Please mark your calendars, visit these sites and help me spread the word!


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