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http://lorilrobinett.comI’m happy to be hosting D. E. Haggerty today. Join me in offering her congratulations on the release of her new novel, Murder, Mystery & Dating Mayhem. As you know, my books generally include second chances, so I asked D.E. about her second chance. Grab a cup of java and let’s chat with her . . . (and don’t forget to enter for a chance to win an Amazon gift card below!)

Secˑond chance Definition (n.) opportunity to try something again

Self-publishing is my second chance at a writing career. Despite the fact that I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing, whether it be short stories, novels, poems, or songs, I never thought about writing as a career. A writing career was for someone that came from an educated and wealthy household not the daughter of a factory worker. I settled on law as my career choice. From the age of five, I was determined to do anything necessary to become a lawyer. And I did. I even joined the military to profit from the GI Bill.

Although I love the law and I absolutely loved law school, being a lawyer was not for me. Not even close. I tried everything I could think of to keep in the field. I worked at a large law firm, as a company lawyer, for the public sector, and finally for a specialized law firm. It just wasn’t for me.

During one of my numerous job changes, I took a six-month break and wrote Unforeseen Consequences. I thought that this manuscript was my chance to escape from the law. I was wrong. I tried to find an agent, a publisher, anything. No dice. I ended up going back to the law, albeit in yet another position, but I just couldn’t keep at it.

Desperate for a change, I convinced my husband to move to Germany where we bought an old pension and renovated it into a Bed & Breakfast. At first, the change was good. Renovating the house and getting everything set up for the business was fun. Running the B&B on a day-in and day-out basis, however, was not. I was naïve and didn’t realize running a B&B is mostly about cleaning and making breakfast. It turns out I’m allergic to most cleaning liquids. Who knew? To be honest I hated the constant cleaning even before my hands broke out into hives.

During one of our never-ending discussions about how unhappy I was with my career, my very patient husband suggested I pull the manuscript for Unforeseen Consequences out of the attic and self-publish it. Although self-publishing has always been around to a certain extent, e-books hadn’t existed when I first wrote the book. Now it turned out I could publish my manuscript as an e-book with almost no cost. I might have pushed my hubby out of the way as I ran to the attic to get the manuscript.

Self-publishing turned into my second chance at a writing career (although to be fair giving ‘traditional’ publishing a chance for only six months wasn’t really giving it much of a chance). To be completely honest I was also incredibly lucky in that I no longer need to make a lawyer’s salary like I did when I initially wrote Unforeseen Consequences. I have the luxury of being able to spend my days writing, marketing and researching without worrying (too much) about royalties. It was thus a combination of factors that lead to my second chance. E-book self-publishing plus a great career opportunity for my husband in Istanbul meant that I could forego (at least for now) the legal salary and concentrate on writing.

Hapˑpy Definition (adj.) feeling pleasure and enjoyment because of your life, situation, etc.

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