Social Media: Lurking or Living?

Clock fleur de lisSocial media is a time suck. You know it and I know it, yet I can’t quit. It’s kind of addictive. Once I pull that feed up and start reading, I keep reading. Post after post. Meme after meme. I want to know what everyone is thinking and doing.

Last night I asked my 19 year old daughter if she saw something I posted on Facebook recently. She shook her head and said she doesn’t really read her Facebook feed very often. As I laid awake in bed last night, I thought about that.

When you are on social media, do you read obsessively? Do you look to see what everyone is doing and saying? Who likes this, who doesn’t? I catch myself doing that with my posts. Is anyone reading what I write? Does anyone care? My Instagram feed is full of beautiful people in exotic places, or creative types that are running successful businesses (all while looking perfectly put together). I compare myself to them, wish my photos were better, wish my house was neater, wish I had a decorator’s eye. Come on! Get real! That’s like looking through a peep hole, watching people – and seeing only that tiny bit of their lives that they choose to share.


That’s lurking.




Or do you occasionally post an update, fill people in on what’s going on? Is social media a tiny slice of your life? Does it fit in between your activities, here and there, as you have time? Are you DOING things that enrich your life and make you happy?

Katelyn & me at Silver Beach

That’s living.





We need to disconnect from social media, lift our heads, open our eyes and look around. What’s around you right now is LIFE.

Get out and live it.

Facebook: Is it the work of an evil genius?


Facebook: Is it the work of an evil genius?

For years, I stressed to my stepdaughter and daughter the importance of protecting their online identities, and not giving too much personal information to strangers. Then Facebook came along and everyone threw that fear out the window. We now willingly announce our relationship status, our location and what we’re doing every day. Even if you have your privacy settings to allow just friends to know what you’re doing – how well do you know your friends? What about that guy that you went to high school with? The girl that moved away in sixth grade? Facebook has become integrated into our lives so completely that many feel disconnected if they aren’t on. Is it more than social media? What is the next step? A chip implanted that automatically tracks us and updates our location? What about a map instead of a wall, that constantly tracks you and your friends and shows you where each of you are in relation to others? What if it was used by governments? Employers? Stalkers? Serial killers?