Virtual #BookTour: Sunshine Book Promotions

Do you like to win? Do you like free stuff? Pop on over to Sunshine Book Promotions today, read an excerpt of Denim & Diamonds and sign up for a free Amazon gift certificate! Have you gotten your free ebook? If not, go get it!!

Bonus: Throwback Thursday picture from vacation 2010 at my favorite family vacation spot.

Katelyn & me at Silver Beach

I Heart Reading: First #BookReview #4Stars

Going on this virtual tour hosted by Enchanted Book Promotions has been very exciting. The biggest part of this, for me, was getting a review. I was curious to see what someone who reviews books regularly would think of Denim & Diamonds. Of course, it’s a double-edged sword. It could be good, or it could be bad. It took me a while to gather up

Book Tour August 2014

enough courage to read the review. I finally did. And, yup, I’m feeling pretty good about it.

Please, stop by I Heart Reading and see the review for yourself. Then pop on over to Amazon and download a FREE copy of the ebook for yourself.

If you enjoy reading, be sure to support the authors you like. Buy their books. Download free books (even if you already have the paperback!). Review their books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Goodreads. Tell people about their books. Your favorite authors will appreciate the love. 🙂

I Think I Have . . . oh, look! Shiny . . .

Before I forget . . . Denim & Diamonds is on Amazon! And it’ll be featured over on Under the Covers Book Blog today.

I’m pretty sure I have ADD. I am on a virtual tour this week to promote Denim & Diamonds, and have a book signing scheduled at Village Books this weekend. I took today and tomorrow off to promote. And I am having the hardest time focusing.

Case in point. I went to Youtube to find some videos on ADD. This is what I ended up watching.

Dog Commercial

Yesterday was even worse. I told the hubs I wanted to move our barrister book shelves from the breakfast nook to our living room. I moved a few things then realized it was nice outside and I headed outside to trim some limbs off the small trees that have sprouted up behind the house. Then I noticed the horses need water and filled their tanks. Then I realized the shade was already hitting the pool and decided to hop in. So, what did I accomplish? Not much.

Which brings me to today. My days off are precious. I have a limited number of minutes to spend promoting this book. I’ve got to get it together. So, I made a list on my new smart phone and I hope to power through that list over the next few hours.

So, do you have trouble focusing? If yes, what do you do to trick yourself into paying attention? How do you get things done?