The Importance of Art


The Importance of Art

I met this artist at Planet Comicon. Absolutely fell in love with his art – amazingly detailed with rich, deep colors. My favorites were, of course, his Star Trek oil paintings, but I was also drawn to his images of astronauts finding bits of the Marvel Universe on the moon. If you have a moment, check Rick’s site out. He has some amazing stuff.

Moon Ring

Etsy: Moon Ring

Etsy: Moon Ring

This week was the full moon. As I drove home last night, the moon was just peeking over the tops of the trees as I drove east. By the time I got home, the moon hung in the sky, big and bold and beautiful. After I fed and watered our dog in the moonlight, I stood there alone in our yard and stared up and just wondered.

  • What did the astronauts who stood on the moon feel?
  • What does it look like on the dark side of the moon?
  • What did my ancestors think as they stared up at the giant glowing disk in the sky?
  • Will we ever go back?
  • If I had the chance to go, would I?

The pull of the moon is enough to move our oceans, and sometimes I think I can feel it pulling on me. The moon is magical (I totally get why my Wiccan friends include the moon in their rituals). And part of me wishes that I had studied harder in math and science and gone to work at NASA.

Then again, those G-force tests look pretty tough . . . maybe I’ll just stay here and enjoy the moon from the safety of my yard.

By the way – the pic above is a ring I made, which is for sale at my Etsy shop. Stop by and browse if you’re so inclined.


Walking on the Moon

ImageIn Eureka Springs, Arkansas, that is! It was one of those moments that was corny and goofy, but so memorable! And what a great conversation starter, right?

I was in Eureka Springs for my annual trek to the Ozark Creative Writers conference, which is held the second weekend of October each year. The conference is good, like a family reunion. But this is the best kind of family reunion, because you can ditch your family and go shopping! Which I did. Twice.

The first day my favorite stops were the Paper Odyssey, where I bought way more handmade paper than I will ever use and a couple of dog stamps that can sit on the shelf in my scrap room next to the other rubber stamps that I never use. But, hey, I was doing my part to support small business. Then I went to Happy Things, one of the coolest toy stores I’ve ever been to. Part of the reason I go in there is to pet Rudy, the standard poodle that sports dreadlocks. She sits on her throne of red velvet accepting the adoring strokes of her public like a queen. When I go away, I miss my puppies something awful, so I grasp at every opportunity to pet other dogs while I’m out, further cementing the suspicion of my own dogs. They’re sure I’m a traitor, and when they sniff my jeans when I get home, they know I’ve been petting other dogs. They’re right.

The second day I went shopping I was lured into climbing up a flight of extremely narrow wooden stairs to the second floor by a little wooden sign that proclaimed “Moon Rocks!” My current work-in-progress is a sci fi, working title is Lunacy. So who can blame me for taking that sign as a  . . . ahem . . . sign. In that little shop with the creaking wooden floors (I wonder if they thought that through . . . a ROCK store on the second floor? Hope they don’t find any big meteorites.) I met Steve and he showed me some of the meteorites they’ve found, including one that was traced to the moon, close to one of the Apollo landing sites. There’s a slice encased in plastic and they let you walk on it. Hence, you get to “walk” on the Moon in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  I have a T-shirt to prove it. And a card with a smidgen of moon dust encased in a tiny little pocket. It’s inspirational. For me, anyway.

What inspires you to write? Anything you display near you as you write, put in your pocket and rub? Hmmmm . . . bet my friends who write erotica will have fun with that question . . . :o)