Denim & Diamonds: A Book Club Guide

Denim & Diamonds

Someone I know through work emailed me a week or so ago to let me know that her book club has chosen Denim & Diamonds as their April read. Exciting stuff! I’m looking forward to meeting with the Bookies and talking to them later this month.

When the book first came out, someone suggested I create a book club guide – and now I’m so glad I did! Here’s an electronic version – feel free to use it for your own reading group if you choose to read the novel. If you have specific questions, feel free to email me and I’d be happy to answer or speak at a book club meeting.

Discussion Questions

  • When Beth learns that her father’s Will stipulates that she must move to the Diamond J for a year, she takes the challenge. Do you think she would have taken that challenge if her fiance hadn’t cheated on her? How would things have been different if she and her fiance hadn’t broken up?
  • Beau struggles with his own lack of family (for instance, he wants a relationship with his crazy aunt, but doesn’t trust her). How do you think this affects his relationship with Beth?
  • Beth is bitter about her father’s lack of involvement and support, and is jealous of his relationship with Beau (and, for that matter, other members of the Diamond J family). How does that jealousy color her own feelings about the ranch?
  • What event is the tipping point in the relationship between Beth and Beau? Why?

Questions and Answers with the author

  • How long have you been writing? All my life, but seriously for a little over 10 years.
  • Where did you get the idea for Denim & Diamonds? The seed of the story came from a client at the law firm I worked for. A client wanted to make sure her horses were cared for after her death.
  • How long did it take you to write this novel? I wrote the first draft in 30 days, as part of National Novel Writing Month, but it took years to rewrite, edit and polish the story.
  • Who was the inspiration for Beth? As for her physical appearance, I always pictured the actress Molly Quinn as Beth.

Enhance Your Book Club

The theme of Denim & Diamonds is the importance of family (which doesn’t necessarily mean blood relatives). I encourage you to try one of the following activities after you’ve read the novel:

  • Share a story from your youth with a younger member of your family (like Beth telling about visiting the planetarium with her brother).
  • Write a letter to a member of your family telling them why you value them, and perhaps share a special memory with them.