Book Tour: Sonar the Crashing – Shiray Romeland’s Inner Goddess

Shiray Romeland is a strong, passionate woman who is not afraid to fight for those she loves. Shiray faces the ultimate test. Her morals and values are the only thing that keeps her grounded.
Her husband develops amnesia and doesn’t remember their marriage. Trials challenge her relationship, but Shiray refuses to give up. Life wreaks havoc in her path. But she knows that life is not always black and white. She reaches deep inside herself and learns not to always look for a reason why trouble was in her mist. Sometimes there’s not a logical explanation. She had to accept the situation and forgive the people she loved. Shiray’s tribulations made her a stronger person.
Shiray’s not perfect, and makes mistakes, but she believes love is eternal. Love is so bold it has no boundaries to hold.

Shiray’s planet is dear to her, as is her family. Although she is royalty, she fights right alongside her comrades to protect Kadan. She is willing to sacrifice everything to keep her loved ones safe.

B. Truly

Author of Sonar the Crashing