From There to Here: T. Sue VerSteeg

I’m happy to have T. Sue VerSteeg guest blogging today. I met her at the Ozark Romance Authors Conference last September in Springfield, Missouri, and picked up a copy of her book, Secrets of the Sapphires, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Since then, I’ve picked up other books including her recent release, My Ex-Boyfriend’s Wedding. I’m not finished with it yet, but it had me laughing on page 1, which is a very good sign!

My Ex-Boyfriend’s Wedding

T. Sue VerSteeg has always loved to make people laugh. It was only natural to pull that element into her writing. Whether it’s long lost castles, covert paranormal agencies, romantic comedies, or cozy mysteries, her snarky, quick-witted characters can’t help but follow suit. When you add her super hubby to the mix, there also has to be a happily-ever-after to wrap things up.

Please help me in welcoming Sue today!

First off, thanks to Lori for hosting me! I can’t wait to read your book.

Lori asked me to share about my writing journey. Well, my writing path has been more of a back-woods, pitted gravel road. I’ve always loved to write. That’s never really been an issue. You know those notes we all passed in high school? Yeah, mine were always several pages long. I had friends who would groan when I handed them that creatively folded twelve paged letter. There are also lots of notebooks in my home, full of my attempts at poetry, short stories, and beginnings of books I was too scared to finish. I mean, writing for yourself is fun. Knowing someone is going to read it? Petrifying!

I’m very blessed that Super Hubby came into my life, for so very many reasons. Where my writing is concerned, he’s the one who kept pushing my chair back up to the desk and saying, “Just write the book.” He may have used a few extra adjectives or adverbs on occasion. 😉 If not for him, I never would have finished. The story would still be bouncing around in my mind, wanting to be told, blocking all of the other book ideas to come. A year or so after the fact, he finally admitted to abusing a few things at his job to work out the frustration.

Boy, was I ever shocked to find out writing was the easiest part for me. You really discover how much you want to be a writer when the rejections start rolling in. But, I can’t turn back or stop now. Writing is as much a part of me as the nose on my face. As long as I wake up each morning, there will be words on the page or ideas brewing for the next writing session.

So, what has your writing path/life path been like so far? I’d love to hear who or what inspired you or kept you going. I’ll share an e-book with one commenter picked at random. You can browse my books at Thanks for stopping by.